Welcome to Shennaghys Jiu, Ramsey Isle of Man

 Shennaghys Jiu 2016

Friday March 25th – Monday March 28th

 Welcome to Shennaghys Jiu 2016 . The  dates for this year’s festival are Friday 25th March – Monday 28th March. Once again a huge thank you goes out to all those who were involved in the organising, running and supporting of last year’s festival. We would, of course, especially like to thank our sponsors who again are invaluable to the success of the festival.

Shennaghys Jiu is delighted to continue to work with Culture Vannin and the Arts Council of the Isle of Man and are indebted to them for the support they have given from the start. We would also like to thank the Town of Ramsey for the support and encouragement they have shown over the years, and hope they also feel the benefit of our vibrant and popular festival.

Shennaghys Jiu is delighted to continue its support of local schools and will be holding a family concert and ceilidh at the Masonic Hall, Ramsey. After the success of the forced re-arranged venues last year, we will return to Andreas for a concert and ceilidh at Andreas Parish Hall and a final night’s concert and ceilidh at the Masonic Hall in Ramsey.            ( Please see the What, Where When page for further details and information.)

A popular event as always is the bands night and once again this will take place in the now refurbished Bar Logo in Ramsey. This promises once again to be a great way to end the festival. We are however on the look out for any new traditional acts, or old,  who would like to play a short 5 min set during a couple of open mic opportunities throughout the night. (Please leave a message on our Facebook page for more details.)

We hope this year to build on the successes of previous years, and continue to provide enjoyable concerts and ceilidhs in the hope we can build on our family atmosphere and encourage new people to discover Manx Traditional Music and the joys a festival has to offer.

Shennaghys Jiu would like to extend a warm welcome to all visitors and the local community to the festival and hope they enjoy all it has to offer.