The final line up is just about finalised.

We are delighted thought to be able to welcome back some of our favourite acts who have supported the festival for many years.

The Canny Band

A collaboration born from a love of traditional music and fuelled by student poverty, The Canny Band are an eclectic trad trio based in Glasgow. Sam Mabbett (button accordion) and Michael Biggins (piano) formed the band in 2016 and since then have been crowned finalists of the Danny Kyle Award at Celtic Connections and supported bands such as Vasen. With the recent addition of Callum Convoy (bodhran), the trio are arranging new and exiting music and look forward to touring in 2019



Splann are a pIMG_0475opular ceilidh band, based in Cornwall, that came together five years ago due to a shared love of Celtic music, culture and dance. Members of Splann have performed at numerous festivals, including Glastonbury, Yn Chruinnaght, Cwlwm Celtaidd and (of course) Lowender Peran – Cornwall’s own Celtic festival. They’ve become regular faces at Shennaghys Jiu, with this year being their third time performing at the festival since 2013. This year’s incarnation of their line-up sees piano accordion, guitar and fiddle accompanied by three traditional dancers. As always, they will endeavour to live up to their name – ‘Splann’ means ‘bright’ in Cornish – with a combination of traditional ceilidh and challenge dances; when the broomstick comes out beware!


Greta Curtin


Greta Curtin is a concertina player based in Co. Kerry in Ireland.

After combining her music career with work and college over the last few years, she has recently decided to dedicate her time solely to music. With upwards to 100 students a week she is teaching music full time. Greta has toured with gaelforce dance and celtic legends as well as other groups and has visited many locations all over Europe and the United States. During the summers she is a show supervisor in Siamsa Tire , the National Folk Theatre of Ireland. Over the past few years she has also been involved in the revival of the Brosna Ceili Band to partake in the Fleadh Cheoils during the summer. Greta is currently rehearsing and putting together some music to record her first EP.


The Echoes of Killarney

Echoes of Killarney, dancers, under the tutelage of Maureen and Lisa Hegarty, are mostly based in Killarney, are all dancers with the Hegarty Irish Dance Academy. They dance at all levels of competition and recently won gold at the All Ireland Dacing Championship. They have performed in many parts of Europe, including Germany, France and Cornwall and are delighted to again be returning to the Isle of Man and Shennaghys Jiu, one of the highlights of our calendar year. Toe tapping, show stopping rhythms and traditional céilí style also, you will be encouraged to join in, have fun and celebrate our Celtic music, song and dance.

Echoes of Killarney Musicians are some of the senior members of the Killarney School of Music stageworks group directed by Páidraig Buckley. The group’s genre in trad Irish dance music and song with other strong Celtic Influences! The group regularly plays for discerning international audiences both at home in Killarney and abroad and regularly combine with the Hegarty Irish Dance Academy to deliver high quality shows.


Becky Hurst

Becky Hurst, originally from the Isle of Man, plays the whistle and Anglo concertina and studied on the Folk and Traditional Music Degree at Newcastle University. Becky performs traditional Manx and Irish music as well as performing her own compositions.





The Mollag Band

Mollag BandThe Mollag Band need no introduction having been together for almost 20 years and have performed at Shennaghys Jiu on many occasions. The Mollags, as they’re affectionately known, perform an eclectic mix of self-penned songs and traditional material. Known for their songs of social and political comment in both Manx Gaelic and English, the band is popular with festivals, having performed in Lorient, Cwlwm Celtaidd Celtic Festival of Wales and Yn Chruinnaght Inter- Celtic Festival to name but a few. The band has featured on Celtic compilations and has made three of its own recordings to date.


 Jamie and Frank Joughin

Father and son duo Jamie and Frank, play together on the odd occasion just for fun. Just 10 years old Frank has been playing the fiddle since he was 3, enjoying playing both trad and classical music. Taught by local legend Katie Lawrence of Peel and (handily!) their next door neighbour. The Joughin family look forward to taking part in shennaghys Jiu every year but this will be the first time Frank and Jamie have had the opportunity to perform together at the festival.



Imbolc is a dynamic young multinational trad band, with players from the Isle of Man and Brittany, but they are have also been joined by guests from all over the Celtic World. The band consists of César Joughin on fiddle and vocals, Félix Debroise on fiddle, Florent Hotchet on bodhran and Daniel Quayle on guitar.


Mera Royle

Mera Royle began playing the whistle and violin at seven years of age, and in the following year was introduced to the harp by inspirational teacher Mike Boulton RBV. Having been thoroughly immersed in Manx traditional music through Mike Boulton, and later through Culture Vannin’s Bree sessions, Mera is also a composer. Her goal is to become involved in writing music for the screen.

Mera has been tutored in the harp by great Scottish harper Rachel Hair, and she and other young Manx harp players performed with Rachel at the Edinburgh Harp Festival this year.

In April 2018 Mera was awarded the prestigious BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award at a ceremony in The Waterfront Concert Hall in Belfast which was heard live on the radio and was also broadcast by BBC Television


Adam Melvin

Adam Melvin
Adam is a singer and guitarist based in the Isle of Man, after spending several years studying and gigging around the north west of the UK crafting his art and playing the acoustic circuit in venues such as Alexander’s, The Raven Folk Club and Telford’s Warehouse, Adam returned to the IOM and began work on a new EP.

Adam subsequently won the Young/Singer Songwriter of Man competition and spent time further honing his sound which can be described as deeply rooted in Folk, Americana and Alternative Country, slotting in with the modern breed of singer/songwriters who are seeking a more organic folksy sound, harking back to a simpler time of music. The combination of stripped back acoustic tones and honest vocals makes for an intimate performance.

Find out more about Adam Melvin and like his music page at:


Matt Kelly


Matt Kelly has taken part on Shennaghys Jiu many times over the years, including the very first one, on guitar and mandolin duty with acts such as King Chiaullee, Strengyn and  The Reeling Stones, plus many ad-hoc collaborations along the way.



Ny Fennee

Founded in 198IMG_00652, Ny Fennee is a dynamic young dance group, based in the North of the Island. Under the leadership of Juan Garrett and Sue-Ling Jaques, the group works hard to evolve traditional dances along new lines. Ny Fennee means ‘The Heroes’ in Manx Gaelic.

The group has its own musicians who accompany them at the many performances they give throughout the Island during the year. These range from dancing at civic occasions and fairs to calling ceilidhs. Ny Fennee has supported the ‘Dance Mann’ competition run by the Isle of Man Arts Council since its inception and have won the traditional dance section as well as finishing runners up in the overall group performance category, competing against a variety of dance genres. Last year the group travelled to Festival Interceltique de Lorient in Brittany to represent the Isle of Man.


Andrew Adams

Andrew Adams is an 18 year old singer / songwriter from Newcastle. He is currently studying music A –level and he is hoping to begin studying Music at University in September. He has been attending Shennaghys Jiu for the last 4 years and loves the festival. This will be his first appearance as a performer and we are delighted he is taking part.


Skeddan Jiarg


Skeddan Jiarg (‘Red Herring’ in Manx) was formed in 2014 with the idea of encouraging young children in the West to learn Manx dancing. Many of the adult members of the team come from other long standing dance groups on the island and have now come together with their children to form this relatively new group. The youngest member of Skeddan Jiarg is just three years old but this hasn’t stopped them travelling away to festivals to show off their skills! Skeddan Jiarg’s repertoire is a combination of traditional Manx dances, new Manx dances… and lots of laughs!


Sharon Rye School of Dance

The Sharon Rye School of Dance is an award wining Performing Arts School and has been teaching and creating stars for the past 35 years. The aim of the School is to naturally boost a child’s confidence through dancing. They are a multi award winning school who have competed at many festivals and Championships and pride themselves on representing the Isle of Man. Last year the group danced in a number of events, including championships held in Belfast, Dublin and London. They achieved more than 100 gold medals throughout the dance year, trophy podium places and top ten All –Ireland sashes as well.


Yn Tarroo Marroo

Yn Tarroo Marroo

The Tarroo Marroo Ceili Band is based on the Isle of Mann and plays primarily Manks / Manx traditional music as well as other Celtic music – Irish, Scottish etc. We provide music for dancing for all ages and are available for functions such as weddings, social gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Jeff Jepson

Jeff Jepson is a prolific singer-songwriter, born in Liverpool, now recording and performing in the Isle of Man and beyond, to a loyal, attentive following. He has made numerous radio and magazine appearances and his music is available online. He performs solo and with his band and his shiny new album, Coastlines, is for sale. Jeff has been a keen supporter of the Shennaghys Jiu acoustic nights, but this will be his first appearance during the festival itself.

Rhiannon Jade

Rhiannon Jade is a 19 year old Singer / Songwriter from the north of the Isle of Man who has been slowly making a name for herself on the music scene in recent years. In the past she has performed at the Dark Horse Festival, Peel Centenary Centre and We Shall Overcome 2018, amongst other events. She is also lined up to perform at the Great Manx Shindig this June and is currently writing her first EP which she hopes to release by the end of this year.